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When Suzu Takes Selfies

  • Suzu: *Points camera at her and Kouko as they walk to class*
  • Kouko: Ummm Suzu what are you doing?
  • Suzu: Just taking a selfie for my Tumblr blog I need to keep my fans updated Kouko-chan and you're going to be in the pic too so say cheese!
  • Kouko: Suzu I don't want to be in your pic--
  • Suzu: *Camera goes off* Too late sweetie! Ahhh this is a cute pic of us Kouko-chan! I'm going to caption this as "Stayin rad".
  • Kouko: Okay sure whatever.
  • Suzu: *Takes another pic of herself with a peace sign and duckface* I think I'll caption this as "Chillin".
  • Kouko: Suzu you might want to start paying attention before you trip or something.
  • Suzu: Oh please Kouko I won't--- Ahhhhh! *Trips over her own feet and falls to the pavement*
  • Kouko: Oh my goodness Suzu are you alright? Here let me help yo-- SUZU WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?
  • Suzu: *Takes a selfie while lying on the ground* This one I'll caption as "Life alert: Caught the feels". I'm going to be the most popular obaachan on Tumblr!
  • Kouko: Suzu would you get up off of the ground please! People are starting to stare and this is really embarrassing! Besides we're going to be late for class!
  • Suzu: Alright Kouko-chan let's get to class!
  • Kouko: * As soon as they get to class Kouko sits at her seat but she notices that Suzu is standing at the front of the class* Suzu aren't you going to take a seat?
  • Suzu: Oh I will Kouko chan! I just want to take one more photo before class starts!
  • Kouko: I swear to God you are a pain to deal with!
  • Suzu: *Takes a selfie with everyone from the Black Class in the background with her hands together as if she was praying*
  • Haru: Oh Suzu what are you going to caption this photo as?
  • Kouko: Yes what did you caption this photo as?
  • Suzu: I captioned it as "Praying for the basics".
  • Everyone from Black Class: * Everyone is either stunned or incredibly pissed* WHO ARE YOU CALLING BASIC!
  • Suzu: Well obviously the basics are standing right in front of me! Ohohohohohoho! ~<3
  • Kouko: Suzu can you not!


i thought this post needed a sequel

it’s probably a thought i should have kept to myself